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Business Service and System Designer 
User Experience Designer



Business Service and System Designer

User Experience Designer

"Crafting success through innovative design strategies and seamless business integration."


I specialize in using Design Thinking to help businesses create services that are user-centred and market-oriented. I believe that great businesses are built through hard work and effective designs.
Using my skills in research and analysis, strategical thinking, business development, system and service design, and ideation and brainstorming, I'm able to help businesses create user-friendly systems that are tailored to their specific needs. I'm passionate about working with businesses to help them design services that are tailored to their target users and help them reach their goals.




Financial Literacy and Money Management

System Service Design

Young adults now-a-days haven’t been taught about

finance in schools and colleges, which is a very important

part of their futures. This has led them to poorly manage

their money and finance once they get away from their

homes. This app helps them to not just manage their daily

finance, but also give them a platform where they can

learn about different ways of money management and


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Internship work

UI/UX and User Testing and Research

During my time at Liquidink Design, I actively participated in conducting user research sessions, planning and executing surveys, and delving into design research. These experiences allowed me to appreciate the significance of user-centered design and the impact it has on creating meaningful digital products. The studio's emphasis on combining analytical thinking with aesthetic appeal has undoubtedly shaped my approach to design.

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Design for the future of the food industry and entrepreneur

Business Service and System Design

Introducing the Collaborative Food System Initiative: Empowering Small Businesses, Fostering Sustainability. Our initiative promotes collaboration between large and small companies, creating an equitable and efficient food system. We support and empower small local businesses, providing education and training to ensure safety and sustainability standards are met. Transparency in food production and distribution empowers consumers to make informed choices.

A food fiction where the narrative will be ours and the visuals will be generated by using AI - Midjourney

For deshpande foundation

Product to Market Aari Product and System Development

System Service and Product Design

To build a whole ecosystem of Aari embroidery for a sustainable business model and product development, for Deshpande Foundation Aari embroidery and its artisans have been declining over the years. Deshpande foundation is a philanthropic firm, which is trying to preserve this traditional art by also giving jobs and providing opportunities to make women financially sound. We did a detailed market study and research and developed a new product line, a business model and system for the aari products.

Client Brief : To develop an efficient working hub and spokes system design and design a different rande of aari products.

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Furniture Product Development using The Sultana Art

Furniture Product Design

Using contemporary product inspiration, we designed and developed a coffee table using the sultana art technique from metal wire, rope and wood.


Business development for the brand Jaipur Rugs

Business Service and System Design

Our project is to create a kiosk for Jaipur Rugs stores, serving as an interactive showcase for customers and staff. It allows easy access to the entire inventory and helps customers find their desired options by curating a personalised range. The kiosk enhances customisation, design exploration, and customer decision-making. It can function as a standalone store in locations where physical stores are not present.

Additionally, it promotes the artisans' stories and spreads awareness about Jaipur Rugs.

Mysa offers curated interactive workshops with Jaipur Rugs, targeting adults aged 23 to 30. The workshops include rug-making activities, brand showcases, and marketing strategies to increase sales and brand

loyalty. Through engaging experiences, Mysa strengthens customer brand relations and fosters better engagement.

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Smart Fridge and Device for Food Tracking.

System and Product Design

Our project is a smart fridge and food tracking device that

revolutionizes food management by automatically tracking items, providing freshness status, and generating real-time notifications for approaching expiration dates. By reducing food waste and empowering users to make informed decisions, our project aims to enhance convenience and efficiency in the kitchen. The smart fridge's interface displays notifications and integrates with a mobile app, offering real-time food tracking and revolutionizing the way we manage our food inventory.


Sustainable Product Development using Egg Shells

Product and System Design

Developing and designing a sustainable product and system, by deconstructing and reconstructing waste material.

Eggshells are not supposed to be thrown away in the garbage,

they have so many properties and benefits that we can use them in our daily life. Eco-shells is a product made by using egg shells and a system which helps to spread awareness.

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Liquidink Design Studio
Future of the fod inustry
Coffee table
Jaipur Rugs


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